Ratatouille productions 

Ratatouille Productions believe that Art is a powerful vehicle for the learning and development of toddlers, childrens and teenagers. It provokes questioning and generates creativity that can only be achieved through the living arts and human contact.

Our mission is to offer a variety of shows that will meet the programming circumstances of presenters, schools and cultural organizations.

Our ambition is to offer you the right show for your target audience, your location and your budget.

Raphaël Fréchette

Following his career as an acrobat and circus artist, Raphaël puts his network and his experience at the service of youth show companies. So since 2002 he has been seeing “those strange and sometimes wacky people” who buy shows. It mainly covers the Canadian market, but also does business with China and is in international development.

It is a point of honor to be an advisor for presenters and other buyers of shows and to have a varied offer that represents a wide spectrum of possibilities while respecting the quality criteria that are needed.

Our Shows


Raphaël Fréchette  +1.514.817.6040  raph@productionsratatouille.com

Étienne Bordeleau  +1.418.905.2486  etienne@productionsratatouille.com